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Curly hair extensions from the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Woman

Have you guys seen the pics of all the celebrity curly hair extensions from the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Woman of The Year Awards 2012 yet?? We’re loving some of the curly hair extensions we have seen from the awards and just had to do a blog to share our favourites with you all!
So let’s begin with miss Millie Mackintosh shall we! We’re used to seeing Mille rocking a down do with perfectly tousled hair however for the cosmo awards she opted for an elegant up do. Millie’s hair was styled into a messy bun with a centre parting and we’re loving the soft pieces left down to frame her pretty face. We love how Mille tied in her outfit and makeup with the theme of Halloween and opted for a vampy look. Loving.

Heidi Range also opted for an elegant updo, this hairdo appeared to be a popular celebrity hairstyle at the Cosmo awards from the pics we’re seeing! Similar to Mille, Heidi opted to pull pieces of hair down at the front to frame her face and the soft curls work to soften up her look. We think Heidis updo complimented her dress perfectly. The high neck and detail of the lace was shown off thanks to her updo and we’re loving the fit of her dress!!
Updos weren't all the range at the awards though, some celebrity curly hair extensions went for the classic down do with waves throughout and we are LOVING Katie Piper’s hairstyle for the awards. We think Katie looks incredible for the evening and we’re loving her outfit too! The two piece and lace shirt look amazing together, we want! Anyway, back to the hair! HOW gorgeous does Katie’s hair look?? We’re considering copying her hairstyle...
Katies hair was styled with plenty of volume and tumbling waves for the awards and this has got to be our favourite celebrity hairstyle from the awards ceremony. A 20-22" Full Head Set would create a similar look to Katie's. Her hair looked super thick and luxurious and full of texture at the awards. Not only are we loving the styling of Katie’s hair, we’re loving the two tone shade she’s rocking too! Definitely have a hair crush on this lovely lady
Alesha Dixon also opted to rock a down do for the evening. With plenty of volume and cutesy curls Alesha’s hair contrasted perfectly with her shirt and trouser combo and we’re loving how she teamed her monochrome outfit with a pop of colour in the form of her lips and shoes! A girl after our own hearts if we do say so!
The celebrity curly hair extensions at the awards tended to range from soft up-do’s to voluminous down do’s with subtle waves throughout. These styles tend to be a classic red event curly hair extensions for sure. What do you think of these celebrity curly hair extensions guys?

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